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The facility also currently serves as an intake, processing and transportation unit, and currently has two medical infirmaries.This facility offers a variety of educational and vocational treatments for offenders.Or an admiral being completely ignored when he questions how a 500-mile spaceship entered the galaxy without anyone noticing?Or a bus-load of scrappy kids stopping their alien getaway to save a cute dog?If you determine that your buyers are clicking your Place Order button twice, Pay Pal recommends that you disable the button after your buyer clicks it.To learn more about possible causes and corrective actions, see What is API error code 10415? Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customer's Pay Pal wallet.

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It would be refreshing if they waited another 20 years to make the next one, but a rather unsubtle final scene sets up a sequel that will no doubt come a lot faster.Note: This error occurs because you do not have sufficient funds in your Pay Pal balance to cover the amount of the refund and your Pay Pal account does not have an associated verified bank account.Be sure that you have sufficient funds in your Pay Pal balance and that you have verified the associated bank account.In this case, modify your implementation of Express Checkout to ensure that you generate unique invoice ID numbers.

This error can also occur if you make a second Note: Pay Pal enables the use of an Express Checkout token only once for a successful transaction.

Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility 275 West US Highway 50 Canon City, CO, 81215 (719) 269-4002 Inmate Name, ID Number Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility P.