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On another note, it seems that Facebook in sensitive about this topic, as I received this prompt when I disabled instant personalization: I still believe that Linked In is using the search history of others to suggest “people I may know” to me, which sort of make sense.However, I am still stumped on how they came up with some of these names.She has barely any connections and no discernible link to me other than the name she shares with someone of my aunt who was married into the family years ago.However, my aunt of course has a different name now, isn’t on Linked In, and isn’t a CPA. This person lives across the country and has zero connections. In other words, if someone searched for both of us, we might know each other. A couple more “People I May Know” included Herman and Doug.A final thought I had was that maybe I was missing a setting within these other applications such as Facebook, allowing them to share my information with partner sites.Upon checking my Facebook controls, I found the following personalization setting: …but Linked In isn’t one of their partner websites.So, maybe they using something like Facebook to influence these suggestions? First, they didn’t list it as a source for feeding the People You May Know feature, and second, they told me so in this reply to one of my multiple inquiries to customer support on the matter: Well, that didn’t accomplish much.This person just reiterated what the Help Center page said.

Every time I sign in, I’m startled by one of the names they suggest.Also on a side note: The fact that they have a “Trust & Safety” team actually makes me feel uncomfortable.Either way, I unchecked the new-found privacy controls under Groups, Companies & Applications, only to find that a day later, Linked In suggested: Tami has a total of 5 connections, lives in Seattle, no public company or title listed, but we just happened to exchange a few emails a couple days prior regarding some questions I had about software her company sold.Everyone points to Google, Apple and Facebook and pretty much stops there.

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