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Yet, perhaps because the ending doesn't unspool quite as expected and perhaps because the film has something to say (even if it is presented with a heavy hand), it's hard to deny that Gran Torino works on a certain level.This is far from Eastwood's best work as a director, but it's a respectable effort and is more successful that his tepid earlier 2008 effort, Changeling.Ultimately, this becomes a story about overcoming prejudice.In this, the film lathers things on a little too thickly.

Though his late wife's final wish was for him to take confession, for Walt—an embittered veteran of the Korean War who keeps his M-1 rifle cleaned and ready—there's nothing to confess.Maybe we buy into it because of Eastwood or because we always like to see Scrooge wake up on Christmas morning and save Tiny Tim.Speaking of Eastwood, his name has been mentioned alongside the phrase "Best Actor nomination" in a number of places, but to award the venerable filmmaker/actor with such a tribute in this case would be an injustice.Eastwood is playing a variation of Dirty Harry - a hard-bitten loner who at times is so over-the-top nasty that he borders on self-parody, such as when he literally growls when someone does something of which he disapproves.

While it's true that the character arc forces Walt to exhibit a new open-mindedness, there's nothing exceptionally complex in Eastwood's approach to the material.

Gran Torino is an amazingly over-the-top anti-racism parable but, despite its obvious shortcomings, it is nevertheless effective and affecting.

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