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The human drama of these characters intersects with the political intrigue of the Soviet plans for the breakup of the United States.Bradford, the pragmatist, clashes with Milford, the idealist; Bradford's wife is Milford's ex-girlfriend, who finds she still has feelings for Milford upon his release from the prison camp; Denisov appoints Milford's ex-wife, a powerful magistrate (and General Samanov's mistress), to serve as Bradford's deputy and assistant in Heartland; and Kimberly's renewed sense of U. pride ultimately affects her relationship with Denisov.

Amerika has an indirect connection to another notable ABC program, the 1983 television film The Day After, which some critics felt was too pacifist for portraying the doctrine of nuclear deterrence as pointless. We should make sure that our schools are Christian schools.” And it was sort of right when that whole debate was going on about . And it was like, you know, something from Focus on the Family ended up 100 years earlier in these archives I was looking at I do think it will always be the case . about the Constitution and, you know, prayer in schools and that sort of thing. Nationwide listing and links to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender AA groups.

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Stoddard cited a column in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner by Nixon speechwriter (and later, television personality) Ben Stein that appeared a few weeks before The Day After aired.