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If you happened to buy it, you would still smell the fresh paint when it reaches you. They might be cast from resin or some composite material (grounded stone mixed with resin or whatever). The figures are animals and all are presented in period dress. The king lion has superb detail to face and costume. Another bear piece has a monkey clinging to his back. Largest piece measures some 7.6" height and smallest piece is some 4.5" height. It is cast from resin and the box is made of whatever wood painted red. The pieces have been painted more than once it appears although we don't believe they have been recently painted at all. Some pieces missing an ear etc but overall damage given age is minimal and quite age commensurate and there is no damage which detracts from this amazing set.

These might look and feel quite like real stones but hot needle test will reveal their true nature. This is a superb and a rare antique 32 piece chess set.Jaques signed Staunton sets White King and later both Kings with stamp around the base. If you are offered a wooden Staunton set without any signatures then it most probably has nothing to do with Jaques. Non-Jaques Staunton sets by good makers (BCC, Whitty, Crays or others) might be perfectly collectable but be aware that there is a large quantity of low end Staunton sets in the market.Jaques introduced the convention to mark Kingside Knights and Rooks with small red crowns on their tops. A 2nd rate Staunton set is next to worthless even if antique. Please note that the last link points to trustworthy merchants who do not lie to their customers and do not try to sell their goods as fake antique.

If there are more identical items, they are almost certainly crap. Two drawers, one on each side to store the pieces, there are bands in the drawers to hold each in place but this game is in such pristine condition that it still has the styro foam holders that the pieces originally came in. You can buy an identical resin set from here for example:

This is a Chinese chess set, probably made in Hong Kong after 1950. The fact that an item is made of ivory does not mean that it cannot be crap.