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You won't find this one listed as a favourite among the concertina aficionados but it holds a special place in our heart. When concertinas went out of favour, with the coming of accordions, television, record players, etc., no one was interested in making new ones.Then the 1960s folk boom resurrected the concertina.

Which is why a flood of portable folk instruments were brought instead.This instrument has mahogany ends which were the most common in 19th century concertinas.The fretwork is not ornamental; it provides the holes from which the sound from the reeds is carried out of the instrument.When we contacted Wheatstone they told us a new one would cost a fortune (1000 pounds - $5000) and there would be at least a two year wait... To fill the growing demand Hohner stepped up to the plate with this fine 48 key treble which we purchased in 1973. The black button is an air release, so that you can deflate the bellows without having to press a reeded key.

Forcing the bellows closed when they are full of air could damage the interior flaps over the reeds, or even, in time, force a leak at a weakened place on a bellows fold. - The most popular Victorian portable folk instrument in Canada, by far, was the fiddle, battered examples, in black coffin cases, which turn up with amazing regularity at estate auctions in rural and urban Canada.

The Scots brought the fiddle; the Irish the Anglo concertina; and the English the English concertina.

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    Aug 05, 2017 Englitina - English Concertina. 12. Because English Concertinas play the same note both on a push or a pull of. exactly like a real English.…