Dating tips for christians

Insecurities, worries, and doubts begin filling the imagination; paranoia that you’re being played like an episode of . Additionally, there is a trend in the Christian culture that says trying to find love online is somehow not “waiting on God”, but often, this philosophy comes with a double-standard.The very same people that would encourage you to pursue a job opportunity by surfing the net, or looking into colleges by way of the internet, might forbid you from using the online world as a means to finding love.Just as God used the cultural components of ancient biblical days to guide people to finding love (dowries, arranged marriages, and the like), He uses our cultural context to work out his will in our lives today.So let go of your apprehension about “not waiting on God” if that’s your hang up.

There is no denying that our world has changed drastically over the past decade, and we are now immersed in a culture that is rooted in the internet and social media.Since the UK launch in 2000, thousands of Christians have found friendship, love and marriage through the site.I’ve noticed that people tend to have a minor panic attack when they entertain the idea of a online dating.If you’re going to use the internet as a way to meet others and put yourself out there- do yourself the favor of being honest.

Masking your true self may snag you a date, but ultimately, with someone who shows interest in the self you’ve created, not in who you actually are.

Ash Wednesday this year is funnily enough, on Valentine’s day. Ash Wednesday is traditionally a day of soberness and reflection – a day where we remember that we are ‘dust and ashes’, a day where we are reminded of Jesus’ death on a cross.

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