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The two are then arrested for trespassing, and are understandably upset at each other for their current troubles.Mark abandons Xiao Ye at the police station and goes on his way when she tells him to leave.Things don’t go as planned, and Zoe ends up leaving in disappointment.Mark then goes to buy a property, arriving at a small, crowded neighborhood to wait for his realtor.He ends up going to their home, where the two are waiting for ‘daddy’ to show up so that they can eat the cake for Xiao Ye’s birthday.Mark offers to share his bottle of champagne with her, and she hugs him in relief, glad that he has come back.Some time later, Mark wins a business contract, and his secretary hands him his customary bottle of champagne and glass.

When she forgets the keys to the property, she climbs up the wall to get inside and ends up hurting herself.Xiao Ye is extremely angry at Mark for losing her son.The two finally find him at the school, having climbed up a tree.The two later meet when he shows up to a gathering, and she accuses him of hurting her. When she refuses to get treatment because of her son, Mark offers to go pick him up.

At the school, we see little Doudou who is being bullied for not having a father.

Mark begins his story almost sleeping with his friend’s (Lu Ping’s) mistress (Zoe Fang).

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