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No one should ever be in that position, but when your physical health, sanity, and happiness hang in the balance, I totally understand making that move.The worst case scenario is to stick around in a situation that is causing your physical and mental health to rapidly decline, because the only demise that you’ll be getting a front-row seat to watch is your own.All it takes is a few clicks to find a casual relationship that fits your lifestyle. By far, bully bosses are the most challenging workplace bullies to deal with.However, a consistent pattern of multiple incidents of bullying behavior cannot be easily explained away–especially if this behavior is clearly creating a hostile work environment for you and others.Your documentation is the holy grail that clearly shows the Now it’s time for the “help” section of the plan.Everybody here is looking for One Night Stand or a no string attached hookup.

Everything that you’ve read to this point was written by a former bullying victim.Or equally as bad, don’t throw up your hands and say, If there’s nothing you can do, then why are you there?I, and many others, are calling on you as an HR professional to be brave, do the right thing, and take a stand against unacceptable bullying in your organization. There are In some cases, that’s the only choice that makes sense.When you don't want to get involved in a serious relationship, a One Night Stand is the way to go.

Casual dating is the new way to date, especially if you're looking for One Night Stand or no strings attached hookups.

And just like a heart attack, workplace bullying can ruin lives–and the good news is that you’re in a position to put a stop to it.