Gujarati dating customs

There is not much of culture shock seen in the people of Gujarat and so it makes people bold and courageous with lot of energy to face different challenges raised by the global scenario.Though modern and sophisticated houses have come in Gujarat, still there are places which have their traditional homes and wooden houses.The Gujarathi women as a part of their tradition carry a bunch of keys on their waist and the ring holder is usually made of silver.

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But again due to immigrants into this part of Gujarat led to a multi ethnic culture.Household utensils are made using brass which is very famous.They are also involved in making things from bamboo items like boxes, sofas, chairs, baskets and rack.It is a must among the married women of Gujarat to wear a red bindi which may be either powder or sticker on their forehead.

Also married women stretch the red powder, called 'sindoor', in a short straight line on the scalp, starting near the hairline and cover the area where the hair is generally parted.

Saurashtra was soon dominated by the Rabris who belong to the royal families.