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But she refuses to define herself as either man or woman, using the female pronoun purely for convenience. Others might call her a gender pioneer."From the very beginning, I realised I wasn't a boy and I wasn't a girl; I realised I was in the middle.I felt great self-hatred at points about the fact that I was in an unknown world.Previously, she had spent time at an all-boys school; not the easiest place for someone who describes herself as "super-feminised" from a young age.But she always knew who she was, and had support from her family, including her younger brother.Androgyny is considered fashion, but it's not considered a genetic reality.

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On top of that, XXXora is launching her Silver Box exhibition at the Groucho Club in central London in May.But she always knew she did not fit into society's rigid male or female categories and refused major surgery to mould her body into either. "I don't want to morph into a blue or pink box; I want to stay in my silver box."These words stuck with me, especially because things were not always so simple.XXXora was 25 when she decided she could no longer assimilate into society.It is important to realise that the black-and-white binary that is in people's heads is neither scientific nor accurate.