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The depth of the cut is also influenced by the workpiece material.The material's reflectivity, density, specific heat, and melting point temperature all contribute to the lasers ability to cut the workpiece.Since the rays of a laser beam are monochromatic and parallel it can be focused to a very small diameter and can produce as much as 100 MW of power for a square millimeter of area.

Laser beam machining can also be used in conjunction with traditional machining methods.Ruby is one of the frequently used host materials in this type of laser.A Ruby Laser is a type of the solid state laser whose laser medium is a synthetic ruby crystal.The laser is focused onto the surface to be worked and the thermal energy of the laser is transferred to the surface, heating and melting or vaporizing the material.

In gas lasers, an electric current is liberated from a gas to generate a consistent light.

By focusing the laser ahead of a cutting tool the material to be cut will be softened and made easier to remove, reducing cost of production and wear on the tool while increasing tool life.