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The split of MOH has led to additional strain on the health system by causing overlap and inefficiency in both planning and implementation processes, in addition to the obvious inefficiency that has accompanied the maintenance and daily operations of two separate institutions in the place of one.Health facilities are distributed regionally, with the most sophisticated services available in the major cities or only at the national level.In 2008, the Government of Kenya (GOK) operated 48% of the country’s health facilities, with NGOs/FBOs operating a combined 15% (13% FBO, 2% NGO), and the private for-profit sector operating 34% of all facilities. Starting with the presidency of Jomo Kenyatta, the nation prospered -- experiencing economic...Not surprisingly, private facilities offer a superior level of care when compared to public facilities of comparable scope, though they remain out of reach for most of the population due to their high cost. Background: Mobile phones (MPs) come in close contact with the body and serve as a ready surface for colonization.

Because of tourist infrastructure put in place, this beautiful country attracts lots of tourist each year. Now that you know a little bit about Kenya, step into the chat room and meet single girls and men looking for lasting friendship.A patient in the public ward, as we witnessed, can expect to spend long hours waiting to be seen, and will likely be expected to share one bed with another patient.These patients are grouped in large, open, chaotic rooms and afforded no privacy.About Kenya: Kenyan women and men are catching up with the hip hop world as young artist try to get Westernized.

But don't be mistaken, Kenyans still have a lot of pride in their cultural setting.

This paper explores the Kenyan health system and the two major factors that prevent individuals from seeking care—cost and access—and also addresses the existence of other social and cultural factors that might affect health seeking behavior and utilization of health services.