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The man, Ting Kai-Tai, killed the teenager, dismembered her body and flushed the remains down the toilet.A jury convicted him of murder and sentenced him to life in prison.I finally realized that it was wrong to make money by selling my body.It just wasn't worth it." Sze now works at a hair salon to earn a living.

She said sometimes the customers would stray from the rules, asking for more sex or refusing to wear a condom. I kept asking myself why I had to do this kind of thing to make money. Most girls who engage in compensated dating don't view themselves as prostitutes, said social worker Chiu Tak-Choi.She has tried to talk her old friends out of compensated dating, but they are not listening, she said. Maybe they have more serious family problems or some other burdens."They felt annoyed when I talked to them about this. "The law prohibits soliciting for immoral purpose," said Stephen Hung, a criminal litigator with Pang, Wan & Choi.

"When a court looks at sentencing, the greater the age difference, the more serious it (the sentence) is." Why do young girls get involved in compensated dating?

Her father doesn't know what she did as a 16-year-old, and she hopes he never finds out.

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