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Make sure to set the “master” profile parameter for ZAMM – PHYS_MEMSIZE.PHYS_MEMSIZE determines the defaults for most of these parameters and should be set on most systems.Point 3 will cause some load for large objects and should therefore be carried out when the overall system load is low and you’re able to monitor it.Small tables can be compressed quite quick and won’t cause considerable load.I have the impression that some SAP recommendations for SQL Server databases which were communicated via SAP Notes within the last couple of years are still not so wellknown yet for some reason so I want to seize the opportunity and broadcast them 🙂 as these are general ones…they are not supposed to be followed in special cases but they should be followed in any case…

5.6 Dynamic work processes (Only for 7.00/7.01 NW releases) The 720 and 721 kernel versions support the dynamic increase of the number of work processes at runtime.For this reason it’s simply impossible to quickly deal with all facts and details you need to thorougly look into every single corner of your database that could be tuned. Because I very often see SQL Server-based SAP systems where little effort could improve performance so much – and many of the tasks which I’ll talk about can even be carried out without a downtime.For this reason I always find it too bad if I look at a system and see that these basic tasks were not carried out.The default value will be used if the parameter is not specified in the profile.

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