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(Its star exhibit: a floor-to-ceiling tower of household objects made from petroleum byproducts.) When I returned for this reporting trip, my hotel room contained the latest issue of , whose front cover announced that the Petroleum Museum had seen some recent upgrades.

Many school officials here reject modern sexual practices, like quickie hookups, as immoral. Unlike other cities, though, Midland and Odessa lack the parachutes—abortion clinics and free-flowing birth control—that are usually available to sexually active teens.Planned Parenthood is long gone, and both Midland and Odessa are now more than four hours away from the nearest abortion clinic.Plus, there’s a 24-hour waiting period for an abortion in Texas, so women have to take multiple days off work or school to get one.It even functions as a safety net of sorts, doling out baby clothes and diapers to teen moms.

In these twin, deep-red desert cities, the Life Center is the state, in many ways, and the state backs the Life Center.

That’s a tall order anywhere, but perhaps even more so in West Texas, where there isn’t much for a young person to get up to beyond church and vice.