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Any charge of a sexual nature can have serious consequences for you.You should always get immediate legal advice about your situation.Some people might give non-verbal signs that they want to stop instead of saying 'no'.

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Coming across your neighbour or your cousins is a hazard of using Tinder in Hobart, a researcher has found, but the app is broadening people's intimate lives.A list of Tasmanian public holidays and Easter dates is available from Worksafe Tasmania.An infosheet is available for School Terms and Professional Learning Days. Term 2 Finish: Friday 6 July Term 3 Start: Monday 23 July. Term 2 Finish: Friday 6 July Term 3 Start: Monday 23 July.Touching someone sexually if they don't want to is a crime - whether they've actually said 'no' or not.

The best way to be sure that the other person consents to any kind of sexual touching is to ask them what they want to do and check to see if they want to keep going.

Term 4 Finish: Thursday 19 December (students finish); Friday 20 December (teachers finish) Term 1 Start: Tuesday 29 January (teachers commence); Wednesday 6 February (students commence). Easter break: 19 April – 23 April Term 2 Start: Monday 29 April.