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A new bill will if successful ban huge swaths of sex acts from UK porn.The Digital Economy Bill looks to ban anything that wouldn’t be allowed on a commercially available DVD.They include rules about “penetration by any object associated with violence”, for instance.They also ban any sexual act deemed “obscene” under the Obscene Publications Act, which was passed in 1959.A representative confirmed to the Guardian that the BBFC would be checking through videos and applying the same standards to online pornography that it would offline.

list of online chatting websites in india best dating site over 40 Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz zählt zu den 100 innovativen Preisträgern des Wettbewerbs "Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen" 2017.Adult-film producers and activists have complained that such restrictions place huge limits on the kinds of sexual activity that can be displayed and so constitute a form of censorship.If porn sites show any videos that were more extreme to UK users then they would be breaking the law, according to the proposed Bill.That’s likely to lead to a database of viewing habits being held by companies or by the Government, which experts have warned could easily be hacked and exposed.

But the provision banning any video that wouldn’t pass through the British film regulators’ tests could lead to even more videos becoming unavailable in the UK.

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