Updating search site database

See Managing Native Content Conversion in When using Oracle Text Index, the index on the database must be maintained in order to keep the disk from becoming fragmented.To avoid fragmentation, an optimize_index procedure should be run weekly.By default, full-text indexing is performed based on the file format of the content item and several other file-related considerations.Before a content item is forwarded to the search index, Content Server executes the resource.Each indexing tool provides full-text indexing and metadata-only indexing.

It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on Solar Winds Backup. The text file is then passed to the full-text indexer for full-text indexing.Note: When the Outside In Content Access module converts a Post Script file, the conversion process produces text that contains extra characters.file extension to a text format, then this defines how the file is converted to a web-viewable format.

In this case, the text file is fully indexed before it is passed to the website.

For example, you can selectively include or exclude full-text indexing for content items based on their MIME types or based on the value of any metadata field, including custom metadata fields.