Validating the vision statements

These organizations need to get their inspiration from someplace else.When no visionary is present, most teams find their inspiration from in-depth research of latent user needs and desires.However, through careful research, the team at Netflix saw how miserable many people were with the video store experience and created a solution that would catapult their business to the head of video rental industry.Research techniques, such as field studies, give us the foundations on what the current experience is like.To solve this, many teams are turning to an old tool: creating an experience vision.

Yet there was still an unsettled tone amongst the group.However, if everyone understands the vision, they’ll know when this is happening and can act to correct it.More often, choices are available and the team can choose the option which best serves the experience vision.Latent needs are things users can’t elaborate on their own, because they don’t know what’s possible.

For example, few people would’ve told researchers they wanted home-delivered DVDs.

Apple’s success with the new generation of Macs and the i Pod (and possibly the i Phone) comes directly from the visions that Steve and Jonathan have handed down.

Validating the vision statements comments

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