Xbmc library not updating tv

These four classes of media cannot be mixed in the one Source.Once Kodi is pointed to the Source, it can perform the appropriate actions to display your media.This is an XBMC Service that will update your music and video libraries on a timer.You can select a different interval to scan your media databases (Audio, Video, Both) or you can set a cron-style timer for greater control.

I looked through the changelog and didn't see anything obvious. I have stopped updating my main server almost 2 months ago for personal reasons, so I am not seeing this issue. Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk 2016-04-11 .1433 Error App: Error in Item Updated event handler *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5931.0 Command line: C:\Users\Lloyd\App Data\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\Media Browser. The default Library nodes will combine things by show even if their files are spread across multiple drives.Most users will not really benefit from using multiple paths in a single source.Server Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Processor count: 8 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Program data path: C:\Users\Lloyd\App Data\Roaming\Emby-Server Application Path: C:\Users\Lloyd\App Data\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\Media Browser.